Scanner Technology & College Fairs

A few weeks ago I put out two surveys to see what institutions were using (and how effectively they were using) scanner technology at college fairs. I've compiled a few of the questions in the infographic below.

As a disclaimer, this survey is completely informal. My questions could have been thought out better (something I realized after reading a few responses), and I could have designed it in  a more logical way. I also would have ideally had one survey instead of two. But, here we are. There were a lot of interesting comments on certain questions and I struggled with how to accurately represent a lot of the data I was able to collect. More on this as my research continues.

I'm looking forward to doing a bit more work on this topic in particular in the future, and would love to hear your comments at length on the use of this technology at your institution. Feel free to shoot me an email at or leave your thoughts in the comments below.

As an aside, I creepily ran IP addresses to see what parts of the US I was getting responses from. With over 100 responses, I'm proud to say that #EMchat runs strong from coast to coast!

Thanks for sharing and thanks for your input!

For the record, I've done one other's about as AWESOME LOOKING as this one :)


ScannerTech Infographic