Our Vision



The #EMChat hashtag and online community started in October 2011 after Alex Williams and Jennielle Strother discussed their shared interest in building a professional development community for the enrollment management community. In the last eight years, we've seen the #EMChat community engage on hard-hitting topics across the higher ed landscape--college access, financial aid, enrollment technology, and more. The mission was to create an inclusive and collaborative mindset in an industry so often dominated by silos.

My goal for the 2020s is to expand this great community and test new ways to connect: short videos, a mentorship program, small groups to help hold each other accountable for professional goals, and more meetups. Iā€™m eternally grateful for the great community that Alex and Jennielle started and for the faith they had to hand things over when their own careers have become so hectic.


Will Patch

EMChat Coordinator

Enrollment Marketing Leader, Niche.com