#EMchat Gives Back


#EMchat is a little over a year old and I can honestly say that the higher education professionals that participate in our weekly chats are some of the most intelligent, genuine, and caring people I have ever "met".  I use quotes around the word met because most of us have never met in real life, but I consider our friendships as real as it gets.

This past Monday, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast around 8 pm CST.  As I sat in my home in Texas, thousands of miles away, my thoughts were on my friends in harm's way.  I felt helpless.  I became painfully aware of all of the people I talk to via Twitter everyday that live on the East Coast.  Tuesday morning arrived and I knew that we had to do something.  I knew that not only the #EMchat community, but the #highered community as a whole could come together and give back.

So, Alex and I have been working like crazy to organize #EMchat's first community project!

We are proud to announce: #EMchat Gives Back

#EMchat Gives Back is our opportunity to do our part to help raise money for the American Red Cross.  We have contacted the American Red Cross and #EMchat has an official 3rd Party Fundraising Agreement with them to raise money for their Disaster Relief Fund.

Thanks to Joseph Dalfonso (@JDalfonso_BU), Social Media & Web Marketing Coordinator at Bradley University, we have someone designing the graphic for the t-shirts! (Thanks, Joseph!)

We are looking for businesses that want to partner with us on this project.  If you're interested in sponsoring, please contact me as soon as possible via Twitter @EMjennielle.

We will be taking pre-orders of the t-shirts as soon as we have a graphic, but until then, fill out this poll to let us know if you're interested in making a difference by purchasing a t-shirt for $20.

[polldaddy poll=6657136]

The American Red Cross has granted #EMchat permission to use it's logo for the #EMchat Gives Back initiative.