#ProDev and Predictive Modeling

We’ve had some great discussions centered around professional development this year; most recently, our chat with NACAC on prodev opportunities and career paths for admission officers. I think it’s also safe to say that #EMchat itself is professional development, whether it’s an article shared, a question answered, or an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the US.

Make a resolution this year to make professional development a bigger part of your life. And remember, some of the best prodev experiences are free.

A while back, we collaborated with the team at Rapid Insight to discuss predictive modeling—and a huge thanks to them for making it possible as a webinar! That chat was a great one, but the RI team has taken it one step (20 steps, actually) further. They’ve created a 20 part video training series for individuals interested in expanding their knowledge of predictive modeling. I've taken a look at a number of the trainings and have found them to be straight-forward and relatable, something that’s important for me in a world that is oftentimes exactly the opposite. They're short videos (and some hands-on training, which is awesome) and absolutely worth taking a few minutes out of your day here or there to give your brain a data boost.

We all know that college admission is competitive for students, but as we continue to move in a direction that requires EM'ers to put a greater focus on data, jobs in the field will become increasingly competitive for professionals. Here’s an opportunity to give yourself a free leg-up and expand your own knowledge.

Caitlin Garrett does a much better job of explaining the training series in her recent post. Check it out and get your prodev on to kick off the New Year!

What Motivates You?

A few months ago we announced that we’d like to start a “What motivates You?” series. We started off the next week with an awesome post from Ashley Scott and then we kind of fizzled off. I had intended on writing the second post and, well, here I am…a few months late!

I can tell you the moment I knew I wanted to work in enrollment management; although, at the time I only knew it as admissions. I toured Salisbury University on June 23, 2004. Yes, I know the date. I don’t know my tour guide’s name, but I know she had blonde hair and I quoted her introduction in my graduation commencement speech…”If I’m about to trip over something or fall while walking backwards, please let me know.” It became my tagline to make people laugh (so cliché), but also become a metaphor for my life. I wasn’t always sure where I was going and knew I would need help along the way.

I joined the admissions team during my sophomore year as a host. Elizabeth Coccia (CONNECT IF YOU HAVEN'T @ecoccia33) didn’t interview me, but she was the person who introduced me to the world of enrollment management. She provided the foundation for me to build my passion for helping other students find their right fit. She let me emcee during admitted student day, brought me along on counselor luncheons, and showed me what real passion for your job is about. She’s still doing it today, and I am so thankful that she somehow found #EMchat and realized that her wannabe protégé was one of the people behind it. I'm one of those people because of her.

I never took a position in admissions when I had the opportunity.  At the time in my life, it wasn’t right. I look back on that decision frequently. I’m happy to say that I don’t regret it. To be honest, if I had taken that job, I’m not sure that we would have #EMchat – although Jennielle and Jillian would probably still have rocked something out sans Alex.

I needed to keep abreast of trends and changes in the industry because I want to be an enrollment management consultant—my initial interest in the community was selfish, I’m comfortable with saying that now. But now…now I’m motivated each day by the conversations that take place in this community. I’m blown away. I’ve been fairly inactive the last few weeks because of work demands, but I follow the feed on a daily basis and am amazed at the dialogue that’s taking place. I’m in awe of the relationships that have been formed and those that form each day.

So, what motivates me? It’s changed over the years. We all have our true starting point (thanks, Elizabeth!), but we need motivation that takes us through each day and year. Thank you all for motivating me each and every day.

What motivates you? Let us know if you’d love to post on this topic!

Cheers. Alex