#EMchat 2016-2017 Calendar

We're looking forward to kicking off our 2016-2017 calendar and have some great chats planned over the next few months! 

If you see a topic you put forth, don't worry, we'll be in touch! :)

Other things to expect this year: Updated Posts (here) prior to weekly chats where we'll share questions, discuss resources, and introduce guests. 

Below, check out our scheduled #EMchat topics (always slightly subject to change!) -- We'll update this calendar as we move through the year. Hope to see you all every Thursday at 9PM EST! Looking forward to another fantastic year of professional development and networking with the greatest pros out there!

#EMchat 2016-2017 Calendar

September 8: Prepping for #NACAC16 with the Local @NACAC16 Crew!

September 15: Promoting Fall Events & More with @CarnegieComm

September 22: No chat tonight -- See you at NACAC!

September 29: Recruitment Comm Flow & More with Jeremy Tiers @ Tudor Collegiate Strategies

October 5: No chat because it's a Wednesday, but Happy Five Years to #EMchat!

October 6: #AACRAOctober -- PPY and the Impact on Admissions Timelines

October 13: #AACRAOctober -- Fisher II and Holistic Admissions Practices

October 20: #AACRAOctober -- Gender Identity Recognition and Inclusion Practices in College Admissions

October 27: #AACRAOctober -- Professional Competencies in the Admission and EM Fields

November 3: #AACRAOctober (Yes, we know it's November) -- Prepping for the 2016 SEM Conference!

November 10: Social Media and Admissions

November 17: The Coalition Application

November 24: No Chat -- Happy Thanksgiving!

December 1: CRM and Admissions Solutions

December 8: Digital Q&A with @CarnegieComm

December 15: The State of Enrollment Management

January 5: Recruitment Events

January 12: Data (TO BE REFINED :))

January 19: Conferences and Presentation Collaboration

January 26: Enrollment Management at the Community College Level

February 2: Communication Strategies with School Counselors

February 9: Communication Strategies with CBOs

February 16: Retention and Trends Toward Success

February 23: Graduate Admission Series - Marketing and Digital Trends

March 2: Graduate Admission Series - Partnerships and Pipelines

March 9: Athletic Recruitment Across All Divisions

March 16: Recruitment and Retention of English Language Learners

March 23: Transfer Populations

March 30: Challenging the Status Quo

April -- The Crossover Month! We'll get back to you with Collaboration Dates when we solidify them!

May 4: Task Management for Enrollment Management Leaders

May 11: Careers in Enrollment Management and the Path There

May 18: Yield and Making the Class

May 25: Analytics (To be further defined!)


#EMchat Marketing Panel - 10/9/2014

We’re excited to be trying something new this week on #EMchat! Join us this Thursday at 9PM ET for a panel on institutional branding and marketing. We’ve pulled together a great group of professionals from across the industry to discuss best practices and trends…and it’s live!

This week’s panelists include:

Michael Wolaver, Owner of Magellan Promotions: The Collegiate arm of Magellan Promotions specializes in helping institutions find the right products to “raise awareness, increase engagement, reward and recognize achievement, and above all create excitement” for their brands. Michael is an #EMchat regular and if you’ve ever picked up an #EMchat button at a conference, he’s the man to thank. He’ll be kicking the chat off with a brief presentation highlighting the best approaches to building a brand strategy for your department.

Jeff Kallay, CEO and Cofounder of Render Experiences: We recently held a great chat with Brittney from the Render Experiences team and are excited to have Jeff join us for this panel. Jeff has become “the nationally respected authority on the emerging “experience economy” and the all-important campus visit experience.” Render Experiences works with institutions to craft campus visits that give an edge, helping them to truly stand out from the competition.

Jake Youmell, Digital Services Program Manager at Carnegie Communications: Jake is another #EMchat regular, as are the rest of the team members at Carnegie. Jake is most interested in the intersection of technology and education and brings experience from across both of those sectors with previous positions at Boston University, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and Google. At Carnegie, he works directly with client institutions to ensure long-term success with digital solutions.

Adam Castro, VP of Enrollment Management at Bloomfield College: If you don’t know Adam, this must be your first #EMchat. According to his Twitter bio, he’s “a true believer in the sweet science of EM,” and it shows through in his understanding of where the EM industry is heading and appreciation of data in the field. Also, he’s a Dogfish fanatic and that makes him pretty awesome in my book.

Eric Nichols, Dean of Admissions at St. Anselm College: Eric is another #EMchat regular and is this week’s moderator (on the Twitter side!). He’s on the road this week meeting directly with prospective students and we’re thrilled that he’s still managed to make time to help pull this panel together!

The video panel will be moderated by Alex and Eric will handle the Twitter side of things. While we’ll have a set of questions directed to our panelists and are looking forward to their expertise, Eric will be pushing out related questions to our participants during the chat. There is A LOT going on and we’re positive that it’s going to be great!


Here are the directions for accessing the panel (make sure you mute your mic!):

Join the meeting: https://join.me/magellanpromotions

On a computer, use any browser with Flash.  Nothing to download.

On a phone or tablet, launch the join.me app and enter meeting code: magellanpromotions

Join the audio conference:

Dial a phone number and enter access code, or connect via internet.

By phone:

United States - Hartford, CT   +1.860.970.0010

United States - Los Angeles, CA   +

United States - New York, NY   +1.646.307.1990

United States - Thousand Oaks, CA   +1.805.309.5900

Access Code   904-729-856#

Other international numbers available

By computer via internet:

Join the meeting, click the phone icon and select 'Call via internet'. A small download might be required.

What Motivates You?

A few months ago we announced that we’d like to start a “What motivates You?” series. We started off the next week with an awesome post from Ashley Scott and then we kind of fizzled off. I had intended on writing the second post and, well, here I am…a few months late!

I can tell you the moment I knew I wanted to work in enrollment management; although, at the time I only knew it as admissions. I toured Salisbury University on June 23, 2004. Yes, I know the date. I don’t know my tour guide’s name, but I know she had blonde hair and I quoted her introduction in my graduation commencement speech…”If I’m about to trip over something or fall while walking backwards, please let me know.” It became my tagline to make people laugh (so cliché), but also become a metaphor for my life. I wasn’t always sure where I was going and knew I would need help along the way.

I joined the admissions team during my sophomore year as a host. Elizabeth Coccia (CONNECT IF YOU HAVEN'T @ecoccia33) didn’t interview me, but she was the person who introduced me to the world of enrollment management. She provided the foundation for me to build my passion for helping other students find their right fit. She let me emcee during admitted student day, brought me along on counselor luncheons, and showed me what real passion for your job is about. She’s still doing it today, and I am so thankful that she somehow found #EMchat and realized that her wannabe protégé was one of the people behind it. I'm one of those people because of her.

I never took a position in admissions when I had the opportunity.  At the time in my life, it wasn’t right. I look back on that decision frequently. I’m happy to say that I don’t regret it. To be honest, if I had taken that job, I’m not sure that we would have #EMchat – although Jennielle and Jillian would probably still have rocked something out sans Alex.

I needed to keep abreast of trends and changes in the industry because I want to be an enrollment management consultant—my initial interest in the community was selfish, I’m comfortable with saying that now. But now…now I’m motivated each day by the conversations that take place in this community. I’m blown away. I’ve been fairly inactive the last few weeks because of work demands, but I follow the feed on a daily basis and am amazed at the dialogue that’s taking place. I’m in awe of the relationships that have been formed and those that form each day.

So, what motivates me? It’s changed over the years. We all have our true starting point (thanks, Elizabeth!), but we need motivation that takes us through each day and year. Thank you all for motivating me each and every day.

What motivates you? Let us know if you’d love to post on this topic!

Cheers. Alex

Resolution: Expand

2011 was great.  2011 was awesome. 2011 was phenomenal.  We broke out 10 chats and generated thousands of tweets within our first three months of #EMchat. 

Jennielle and I put a lot of planning into those first few months, but we never really sat down and talked about what our mission was.  What was #EMchat defined by?  Looking back on 2011 I now realize that wasn’t necessary.  While it’s definitely built on pillars of collaboration, community, and expertise in the EM industry, our growth has been organic, and not having a defined mission has given us the flexibility to adapt to change, to implement great advice, and to try out some new ideas.  As we move into 2012, we’d like to make one resolution.

 Expand.  One word.  Straight.  Simple.  To the point.  Expand.

 Expand on Twitter

Twitter has provided us with an amazing medium for #EMchat.  We’ve worked through the time zone issues and found one of the last great time slots to chat.  We’re holding strong with Thursdays from 9-10 PM EST.

But, we know that you can’t make every chat (although we really wish you could).  It’s also not the best approach to announce a topic the Monday or Tuesday before a chat.  And so?  Expand.  Within the next few days you can look forward to a monthly calendar of future topics that will not only help us to better organize our thoughts and resources, but also allow you to hone in on specific topics you love.  While this is a small expansion, we think it will add leagues to deepening our conversations. 

But, we can’t expand without you.  There has been a ton of great feedback for future topics and we’re moving some of those thoughts into future series (similar to our #firstgen 1, 2, and 3).  Make sure you get in touch with us to let us know what topics you want to talk about.

Expand the Blog

We started the blog a little over a month ago and have been working to get it where we want it.  But, we also realize that where “we”, as in Jennielle and I, see our blog going may not be the same direction that others do.  We started #EMchat on the premise that it would be a collaborative community, and that’s what we hope this blog will be as well.

Each one of us has an area of expertise or special interest in enrollment management.  Twitter is great for thoughts under 140 characters, but we would love to have each of you contribute a post or two (or three or four) on your passion.  This is already an amazing community.  We know that this level of contribution and engagement will only continue to improve it.  Or, if you're running your own blog (which many of you are), let's link up and share.

Expand Your Network

We ended 2011 with an amazing networking chat.  We had over 40 participants and hit lots of high notes on personal levels with one another. 

Expand.  When I first started using twitter a few years ago I had a stagnant account because I didn’t know what my niche was.  After finding the #highered focus and getting involved with chats I felt more comfortable and like I was actually using it for a purpose.  So if your colleagues or friends in the industry aren’t on twitter, #EMchat is a great way to get started.

Jennielle and I try to make a point of continuing the conversations beyond twitter and it has been great to connect with many of you through other mediums.  We’d like to continue expanding that.

Most importantly though, there are tons of conferences coming up.  Let’s network for real. 

Here’s wishing all of you a very happy 2012!

What’s your resolution?