#EMchat Hosts Render Experiences!

render logoWe’re excited to have the Render Experiences team joining us for this week’s #EMchat. Not familiar? You should be!

As summer comes to a close and we head into travel season, your institution should be thinking about more than how they're represented on the road. Fall is a perfect time to reassess and redesign your physical campus experience for those students who have taken the next step in checking you out. Why offer them anything but your best? Here's how Render helps:

render experiences

Render’s mission is to optimize the campus visit experience as an avenue to meet enrollment goals and recruit best-fit students, and they're joining us this week to talk about their vision and work with over 600 campuses.

Join us this Thursday at 9PM ET as we chat with Render Consultant, Brittney Joyce – Bring your questions, bring your experiences, and bring a beverage (I’ll be enjoying a perfect blend of Dogfish’s Punkin and 90IPA)!

In the meantime, if you’re heading to this year’s NACAC 2014 Conference, be sure to schedule your 10-Minute Render Rap Session!

Cheers! Alex