#EMchat: An Online Panel Discussion on Predictive Modeling

We’re pushing this out pretty early, but for really good reason. Over the last few years, there has been a push for #EMchat to branch out beyond the chat. So, we developed the blog. Then we started holding tweetups (locally) and at conferences. Then the push came for an Unconference-esque #EMchat. We’re still working on that.

But to get there, we’re testing out something new and hope you’ll join in.

On May 8th at 9PM EST, we’ll be holding our first chat via webinar. We’ve teamed up with the great folks over at Rapid Insight to hold a panel on predictive modeling. If you’re not familiar with Rapid Insight, here’s just a sampling of what they do in the higher ed realm.

Predictive modeling has been a popular topic for us in the past, but we also usually get a bunch of questions in addition to those planned. This panel will give you the opportunity to talk directly to some of the #EMchat data gurus as well as professionals who work with data on a daily basis.

Our panel will parallel the approach taken by Rapid Insight in their #DataTalk series, except, well, we’ll probably have beer involved.

While the panel will certainly offer you the opportunity to directly as questions, we’ll also source questions up to the event, making every attempt possible to answer as many as we can.

The experts panel (as we’re deeming it) is currently being built, but we will be sure to update this post with our panelists as we sign them on.

Make sure you submit any questions you have about predictive modeling in the comments section below so we can work them into the chat!

See you (literally) on May 8th!

Thinking about joining? --> #EMchat: An Online Panel Discussion on Predictive Modeling