Tonight on #EMchat -- Cross-Campus Collaboration

The team from Scannell & Kurz is joining us this week for our chat on cross-campus collaboration. While we always love seeing them in the #EMchat feed, SK’s recent #SKcollaborate series really caught my (Alex’s) attention a few months ago. A big theme in the #EMchat community is “no more silos.” Thursday’s chat will jump right into that conversation.

It’s always great to see how institutions work within themselves to create efficiencies, develop stronger programs, or simply (which really is not so simple) improve communication. We’d love to hear what your institution is doing!

Just to touch on a few, the SK team has recently published some great posts on what campuses across the US are doing on the collaboration front. Check them out:

 Joining us from  Scannell & Kurz will be some familiar faces to #EMchat, Mary PiccioliAaron Mahl, and Tim Schuldt. If those names don’t ring a bell to you, you can read all about them, here.

 Scannell & Kurz's services span the enrollment management space, from strategic financial aid and recruitment strategy development through enrollment management organizational reviews and tools such as SKORE and FAST. They've worked with over 300 institutions through the years and bring a great team to the table.

 We're excited to have them join us this week and hope to see you there!