This week on #EMchat: Web Analytics

We're excited to bring the Carnegie Communications team back this week for a chat on Web Analytics with Jake Youmell.

Ever wonder how students navigate your institution's website? Curious about where they click or how long they stay on a certain page? Have you asked yourself how much a specific marketing campaign drives traffic or results in a successful call-to-action? What about how your page stacks up against the competition? This data (and so, so much more) can be found with analytics.jakeyoumell

We're so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with the Carnegie team as frequently as we have this year and Jake's willingness to jump on board for this week's chat makes us even happier. Jake's role as a Digital Marketing Specialist affords him the chance to work directly with institutions to ensure their long-term success with Carnegie's digital offerings. Like me (and many in this community), Jake has a huge interest in the intersection of technology and education. With experience in enrollment management and online marketing at Boston University, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and Google, he's a regular contributor to the Carnegie blog and writes some really great content.

To pull from a previous post, Carnegie Communications partners with over 500 institutions annually, providing advice and solutions on all things in the educational marketing arena. To highlight just a few, the Google-certified team specializes in SEO, PPC, and display in addition to their lead generation services. They were one of our partners for our #EMchatGivesBack campaign last year, and we’re thrilled they asked us to co-host their pre-conference social for their Carnegie Conference this January.

See you Thursday at 9PM ET!