This Week on #EMchat: Content Marketing

We’re looking forward to this week’s #EMchat focused on content marketing! With the help of our friends over at Carnegie Communications, we’re in the midst of prepping for an informative and engaging discussion.

So, what IS content marketing?

Content marketing is value-added, simply put. Content marketing provides consumers with information that’s relevant to them, that they can use in their personal or professional lives, and that will, if effective, drive them to develop a sense of loyalty and appreciation for you (an institution or company). It’s also a whole lot more, but we’ll dive into that on Thursday!

We’re lucky to have an on-going partnership with the Carnegie Communications team and are excited to have Angie Ward joining us as our guest this week—although I’m sure we’ll be seeing other familiar faces as well. Angie works with Carnegie’s digital services team, aiding clients in building their online campaigns. In addition to her many roles at Carnegie, you have probably read a decent amount of her content from Carnegie’s blog…I tweet it like crazy—it’s that good.

Carnegie Communications partners with over 500 institutions annually, providing advice and solutions on all things in the educational marketing arena. To highlight just a few, the Google-certified team specializes in SEO, PPC, and display in addition to their lead generation services. They were one of our partners for our #EMchatGivesBack campaign last year, and we’re thrilled they asked us to co-host their pre-conference social for their Carnegie Conference this January.

In short, they’re great.

See you Thursday!