First Generation Student

This Thursday's chat focuses on retention initiatives for first generation students and we're looking forward to having our friends over at First Generation Student join us with some of their thoughts.

You may have run across them on Twitter or through your own searching, but First Generation Student is doing some incredibly valuable work for very deserving students (and families). FGS

First Generation Student is a Washington, D.C. based group that provides information, resources, and tools to aspiring and current first-generation college students. Their site covered every step of the process--planning for college, researching schools, applying, figuring out how to pay, and succeeding during and after college. Their writers have contributed to sites such as US News & World Report, College Board, Education Week, and more. Their goal is to provide the most comprehensive source of information available to this hard-working class of students.

They're perfect guests for this week's chat as we all know that retention doesn't necessarily start once a student begins their first day of classes.

They recently launched their blog that features a wide range of contributors--first-generation students, university faculty, staff from non-profit organizations (such as the Century Foundation), and nationally recognized experts (such as Mark Kantrowitz of, and the New York Times). They have also launched a college search tool that allows high school students to sort through schools on an interactive map based on location, cost, diversity, and other data; a "Student Stories" section that allows current first-generation students to share their experiences for the benefit of high school students going through the admissions process; and they are continually planning updates and new features, highlighted via their social media streams.

You can follow First Generation Student on Twitter and Facebook as well as their chat, #firstgenchat!

Join us Thursday night for what is shaping up to be a great conversation. Bring your questions, bring your thoughts, and as always, bring a beer. See you then!