#EMchat 61: #CollegeScorecard- #TOTN goes to @ScottCline

Read the full transcript HERE. About two weeks ago, the White House launched the College Scorecard.  Tonight, we discussed the impact this would make on prospective families and college campuses across the country.  Participants in tonight's #EMchat ranged from enrollment managers and student affairs pros to folks who just popped in to learn more.

Tonight's Tweet of the Night goes to Scott Cline (@scottcline) for his response to

Question 4: What should students/parents know about the #collegescorecard that they may not already?



Honorable Mentions:







There were hundreds of great tweets swapped during tonight's chat ...3,477,581 impressions with 653 tweets, to be exact! If you missed the chat, or want a refresher, go HERE to read the transcript.

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