College Admissions: Why I Love My Job

Ashley Scott (@ashleygscott)

With every undergraduate admissions essay I read I am reassured education is the field for me. Instead of deterring or annoying me, the most overwhelming student essays compel me to work harder for solutions to their problems. It's easy to downplay the impact a child’s home environment can have on their in-class and standardized test performance. Coming into this profession I believed that those who worked hard and focused would come out on top and that they deserved an offer of admission whenever they chose to apply. I thought that if determined enough, each student could exceed our expectations. Although those statements never really sat well with me I relaxed thinking yeah, they'll be fine.

However as I read college admission essays summarizing accounts of rape, abuse, neglect, homelessness and low self-esteem I feel determined to serve as one of the champions these students need to succeed. I don't believe we are put on this earth to survive all by ourselves. So every chance I get I jump at the opportunity to serve as the advocate they require to advance. Nothing will change for them unless passionate and determined people create space then offer support, resources, and opportunities to progress.

I work hard to make young dreams become reality and I'm proud to be associated with all who contribute to that cause as well. Parents, family, friends, teachers, school administrators, and supportive community members - be encouraged. Our hard work pays off. I'm thankful that it does; it is for this reason alone that I love my job.