#EMchatGivesBack Update

A little over a month ago we announced that we'd like to come together as a community to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in late October. Neither Jennielle or I had ever built a fundraiser from the ground up, but with the support of the higher education community (and beyond), we pulled it off! I'm happy to say that with the support of Carnegie Communications, Hobsons, Noel-Levitz, and NAGAP, we were able to underwrite the ENTIRE cost of our t-shirts, packaging, and all shipping. It was amazing to see the support of these companies and organizations and a pleasure working with our POCs for each, many of whom are active participants each week. Thank you all so much.

Within the next few weeks, Jennielle will be presenting a check for just over $2100 (every dollar raised) to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund on behalf of #EMchatGivesBack.

We were amazed at the outpouring of support from the very first tweet mentioning the campaign. This fundraiser simply serves as one more example of what this community is all about: coming together for a purpose. We used to talk once a week. We're now talking and sharing hourly. Some of us have met in person. Some of us have never met. So while #EMchat proves that distance is only measured in miles, not passion, #EMchatGivesBack proves that it isn't measured in compassion either. Thank you all for coming together to support this cause...from the bottom of our hearts.

And, another huge thanks to Joseph "JD" Dalfonso and Anna Celander for designing our shirts. You all most likely already know JD, but here's Anna's site: www.annacelander.com -- huge thanks and AWESOME job.


If you donated, our shirts have been ordered. We waited to order until we had all donations in to ensure we would have correct sizes. Within the next month we intend on having all shirts shipped. We are also providing a list of all donors to the Red Cross so they can provide tax receipts. If you prefer that we not share your information, just shoot me an email at alex@emchat.net.

If, when you receive your shirt, you'd prefer a different size, please let us know as we do have a few extras in each size S-2XL.


While we have "officially" finished our fundraiser, we won't be presenting the check for a few more weeks. If you'd like to contribute, we do still have shirts left.

You can donate here:

Happy holidays from the entire #EMchat team -- Cheers!