Yield Strategies for Grad Applicants: 10/18 9p EST - Guest Post: @MarcusHanscom for #EMchat

This week's #EMchat is sponsored by NAGAP.

I’m absolutely floored by the interest in last week's #EMchat dedicated to “Defining Graduate Enrollment Management.” This was our first foray into the Twitterverse for NAGAP and we couldn’t have had a stronger response.

For those of you not familiar with NAGAP, NAGAP is the association dedicated to graduate enrollment management (GEM). In full disclosure, I serve as the Online Education Chair for NAGAP and felt strongly that #EMchat could play a critical role in our efforts to grow professional development opportunities for our members while providing GEM leadership input in the chats from our members and executive board. My position is a new one on the board thanks to our new president, James Crane, who serves as Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Brigham Young University. James is spearheading efforts to grow our national and international partnerships and to expand our professional development opportunities, namely online.

Though NAGAP was originally founded to serve graduate admissions professionals, the changing landscape of the industry has shifted our focus to serve professionals in all graduate enrollment management capacities. Increasingly, our work requires that we have knowledge of issues that impact the entire student lifecycle from admissions and recruitment to student services and retention, among others. NAGAP has taken on GEM as its central issue over the coming years; look for us to be providing a wealth of resources on GEM initiatives through our annual conference, professional development institutes (PDIs), regional receptions, webinars, and of course, further partnerships with #EMchat. Our regional chapters and special interest groups throughout the country will also serve as a great resource in this regard.

We are excited to continue our partnership with #EMchat with this week’s event, which will focus on “Yield Strategies for Graduate Applicants.” We hope to see you again and look forward to the great collaboration that has become such a fantastic part of #EMchats.


Marcus Hanscom (@Marcus Hanscom) Associate Director of Graduate Recruitment and Outreach, University of New Haven NAGAP Online Education Chair