#EMchat 46: Defining Graduate Enrollment Mgmt -TOTN goes to @MarcusHanscom

Thank you to NAGAP (@NAGAPorg) for sponsoring #EMchat 46: Defining Graduate Enrollment Management (click for transcript).  It was a fantastic discussion between enrollment managers from all over the country.  And now, tonight's Tweet of the Night is.....

Tweet of the Night: 

TOTN goes to Marcus Hanscom (@MarcusHanscom) for this tweet: 

[tweet https://twitter.com/MarcusHanscom/status/256571335315185664]


Honorable Mentions:

Stephen Ostendorff (@ostendorff) answered Q3: How can we help shift the culture on our campuses to communicate the value of GEM in our mission?

[tweet https://twitter.com/Ostendorff/status/256568658892038146]


There was a lot of talk of eliminating silos, and this tweet was nominated as a contender:

[tweet https://twitter.com/EMjennielle/status/256573624058777600]


Thank you to everyone who participated tonight.  We continue our Grad Series next week as we discuss: Yield Strategies for Graduate Applicants.

Again, thank you to NAGAP for sponsoring tonight (and next week's) chat.

Defining Graduate Enrollment Management transcript.

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