CRM 'til the End.

I’m a communicator. I’m a collaborator. My greatest strength lies in my ability to interact with others and build relationships. While I think of it as a skill set, I also think of it as a blessing in that I’m so lucky that I have the opportunity to meet and connect with so many different people.

It would make sense then that I am fascinated with all things social and all things CRM. I’ve had the opportunity to use two different CRMs in two VERY different settings: my alma mater’s admissions’ CRM (EMAS) and SalesForce at a previous company. I have seen how these tools can be used effectively and also how they sometimes aren’t used to their greatest potential.

In the end, I’ve said it so many times. Don’t bother with a CRM if you don’t have a strategy, the team in place to get it off the ground, or the RIGHT people to manage it. Technology is important. But technology will never replace actual relationships. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting a job done quickly (although I’m certainly not undermining the overwhelming amount of work done on a campus), that we assume technology will take care of the rest.  Well, it won’t.

I’m excited to talk about CRMs this Thursday night at 9PM EST to see what tools institutions are using, struggles you have faced, and ideas you may have for enhancing communication both internally on your campus with staff and students and externally with prospects and constituents.

If you’re not that familiar with CRM, here are a few great posts that are worth reading. You don’t need to be an expert to have insight.

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…Yes, there is a Tim Copeland trend. Yes, I’m an unofficial fan. Does that make it official?