Pinterest Ideas

Last night’s chat on Pinterest in Higher Ed was one of our most successful chats yet and there is a TON of content to read through.  But, if you’re just interested in some ideas for boards to create at your institution, these ideas popped up in the chat.  We branched out of enrollment management, but let’s be honest, in the end, everything affects recruitment.

 “Accepted” – Accepted students pin their acceptance letters with something that speaks to their personality. Think about Erin King’s MIT Acceptance Letter to Space on a pinning scale.

“Our Campus” -- Just another avenue for a campus tour.  But it’s not just any avenue, it’s an awesome one.

“Day in the Life Of” -- Of a current student? Of a current major? Of a faculty member? Of anyone. What a great suggestion to provide a different level of insight.

“Campus Hangouts” – Who wouldn’t want to know this?

“What being a {mascot} means to you” – Another tap into creativity.  And, there’s never anything wrong with school pride.

“Campus history” – A unique way to tell your campus’ story.

“How College Kids Eat” – Awesome spot for healthy recipes or not-so-healthy-just-really-delicious meals.

“{Mascot}’s around the globe” – Or alumni happenings in general. Babies? Non-human babies? Pre-baby “baby”?

“Why I love being a student here” – And why any prospective student would love it, too.

The list goes on and on, but the point is, it seems like Pinterest is taking a prominent seat at the SM table in higher education.  After last night’s chat, heck, I think I’ll start using my account a bit more…

We’ll have a follow-on chat in a few weeks—and thanks again to our awesome guest, Travis Brock from Educational Marketing Group.  If you want to see some really great examples of Pinterest in higher ed, check out their post.

Cheers to a great weekend, friends!