Six months ago I wrote a post on my #oneword2012.  Expand.  While I meant this on a universal level for myself, this post related strictly to #EMchat.  I’m a firm believer in accountability and so I’m following up with my half-year review highlighting the expansion of this awesome community.

Expand on Twitter

As this is our primary medium for the chat, it was key to continue to develop topics and bring on experts in respective fields.  We’ve done just this.  We’re approaching our 30th chat and have an awesome line up of discussion topics and guests for the summer.  As planned, we pushed our calendar out to provide topics in advance to better cater the schedules of the community.  We know that every chat isn’t for every person (although we do have a pretty awesome regular crowd), and we’ll continue to build out discussion topics at least six weeks in the future.

We’ve also really appreciated the feedback we’re getting each week that helps us to develop these chats.  The voice of the community truly guides us.  So thanks for letting us know what YOU want to talk about – you make our role easy!

Expand the Blog

The EMchat blog has been an amazing addition to this community.  It was our hope that we would eventually have contributors posting on a regular basis.  You all have exceeded our expectations.  In just five months we have a total of 11 contributors on the blog.  This is incredible for a number of reasons: 1) it expands the reach of the community; 2) it provides vantage points to the EM industry from a variety of perspectives; 3) it lets us all share our passions.  Our team gets stronger by the week.  Thank you.

Expand your Network

Tweetups and mini-tweetups have taken place a bunch of times this year.  From Jennielle’s NAGAP, to some pretty awesome happy hours in DC and Arlington (for me!), to other conferences, we’re connecting on another level.  I’m amazed at how this community has grown. Amazed.  I know this is going to continue, but I’m already in awe.


We’ll check in again in another six months, but I’m happy to say we’re right where we want to be.  Thanks for participating, thanks for sharing, and thanks for making this the incredible community it is (have I said that enough?)!