#EMchat 23: Tweet of the Night goes to @FujiFulgueras

#EMchat 23 focused on Alumni in Recruitment efforts.  #EMchat's own, Kristen Rothfeld (@KMRothfeld) was our guest and had great input on the topic.  Kristen has written a 3-post series about using alumni in EM.  Check out her Alumni+Recruitment post here.

Tonight's Tweet of the Night goes to Fuji Fulgueras (@FujiFulgueras):

[tweet https://twitter.com/fujifulgueras/status/188074838844383232]

....and here are our Tweet of the Night Honorable Mentions:

A very close second for Tweet of the Night goes to Meghan Dalesandro (@MeghDale)

[tweet https://twitter.com/MeghDale/status/188077547207143426]

Such great input, Meghan. Thanks!


Lindsey Fogleman's (@LindseyFogleman) tweet inspired some good ideas:

[tweet https://twitter.com/lindseyfogleman/status/188072174970601472]


Last, but not least, Kristen Rothfeld (@KMRothfeld) demonstrated why using alums is effective -

[tweet https://twitter.com/KMRothfeld/status/188077858491596801]

Thank you to everyone who participated tonight!