Alumni on the Move - Recruiting!

Welcome to Part II of the Alumni & Recruitment Efforts series with EMchat!   I want to take the time during this post to discuss different ways to include alumni in recruitment efforts.

The first way to include alumni in recruitment efforts is involvement in recruitment events.  These events can include high school visits and college fairs within the high schools and outside community as well as on-campus recruitment events.  Depending on the alumni involved, they can team up with an admissions adviser or represent the institution on their own at a college fair.  At a previous institution, many alumni loved the opportunity to go back to the high school from which they graduated from and recruit those students to their alma mater.  There are also on-campus recruitment events that are great opportunities for alumni to engage with prospective students and family/friends.  Past events that have included Welcome Receptions (where alumni serve as greeters and share their experiences as students) and Open Houses (alumni share their experiences, serve as greeters, and hand out t-shirts).  These can be seen as more traditional ways to connect alumni with the prospective students in the recruitment process.

There are additional ways that alumni can assist in the outreach to prospective students of any age.  There are many fairs, festivals, and community events that alumni represent the institution.  These have ranged from community fairs at churches, art festivals in local cities, and outreach programs for various ethnic groups.  A way to connect with younger students is a “March is Reading Month” project where K-5 teachers who are alumni can sign up for the mascot and a representative from the institution to visit their classroom and read a book about a campus tour to the institution.  This has allowed for the younger students to interact with the mascot as well as getting them to think about their future.  While it is far too early to get a commitment, it does allow for the institution name to stick with those younger students and in the future, they may visit the campus and consider the college for their own education beyond high school.

These are just a few ideas of ways to engage alumni in the recruitment process.  Please feel free to comment with your own ideas so that we can continue the conversation.  Until next time…