First Year Experience - The Transition to College

Hello Everyone!  I am beyond excited to talk with you.  This is not only my first post with #EMchat, but really my first time talking as a professional.   For the next couple of months, I am going to be contributing to this website about the subject of transitioning to college.  I find a lot of professionals have that area that they gravitate towards and develop a strong passion.  Mine happens to be First Year Experience.  Before I dive into what I will be talking about in the next few posts, I guess I should briefly share where this passion came from and where I am headed.

I started college as a traditional student back in 2006.  I had an excellent experience going through First Year Experience. As a student, the program made me want to get involved.  Over the next 6 years to the present day, I have pursued as many experiences at the university in the area of First Year Experience.  I was the orientation leader, the welcome week leader, the student instructor in the seminar course, and eventually, the student coordinator for two of the programs.  I student taught and while I loved teaching high school, I found myself having a passion for empowering the students to be successful in their life over the subject of math.  Fast forward to today, I am currently a Graduate Assistant in Career and Student Employment Services, but I love First Year Experience so much that I am doing my practicum for my Master's Degree with First Year Seminar.

First Year Experience at Western Michigan University includes three separate programs that work together to begin student success in college.  They are New Student Orientation, Fall Welcome (Welcome Week), and finally First Year Seminar.  My posts in the future will touch on what I found to be successful towards engaging students and becoming a advocate for student success both as a student leader level and as a student coordinator.  I even hope to recap my practicum experience as I move even closer towards being a better professional.

That sets the stage for what is headed your way.  I would love to get in contact with you and begin having discussions about anything really.  All you have to do is follow me on Twitter (@joshkohnert).  I will warn you ahead of time, I do tweet about my life both personal and professional because one thing I think is important to being an advocate is that you are genuine.  So come meet the real me and look forward to my input on a very important program in a college student's life.

Thank You!

~Josh Kohnert~