Alumni & Recruitment Efforts

Hello EMchat friends!  I am thrilled to be writing the first of a three part series for the EMchat blog about the use of alumni in recruitment activities through the admissions process.  This allows alumni to represent the university, share stories of their time as a student on campus, as well as connect with their local community at high school college nights and on-campus events.  You may be wondering how does a young professional have a passion for the work of alumni.  Allow me to back track for a moment…

During my time as a student, I worked a variety of positions within Orientation and Admissions.  I served as a tour guide for one year and I had spoken with my supervisor about becoming more involved in the office.  The first position she gave me involved working with the recruitment team.  The second position involved working with the coordinator of the alumni admissions ambassador program.  The program was in year two and was consistently expanding.  I had the pleasure of working with alumni as well as representing the institution as an alumna at various recruitment events.  The opportunity to share my stories as well as get prospective students excited about becoming a part of the community was rewarding.

In the posts to follow, I am going to discuss the opportunities to get alumni involved in the recruitment process.  Due to creativity on behalf of past and current coordinators and student employees, outreach in the community has ranged from elementary school students to adult learners.  The chance for alumni to volunteer on behalf of their institution is greatly appreciated by those who choose to be involved.  This type of program allows for the individuals to share their love for their university with the greater community all while working to promote the institution and the impact felt around the region.

I am looking forward to continuing this conversation in the upcoming weeks.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say as well and be able to continue this discussion beyond this blog.  Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@kmrothfeld) to continue the conversation and networking.