Collaboration Breeds Inspiration

Back in June of 2011, I wrote my first post on my personal blog.  The title is, "Declaration: After 10 years, I'm still a highered novice".   I have my Master's in Enrollment Management.  I read countless articles about higher education.  I go to as many conferences as I can.  Even after all of that, I'm still a rookie.  There isn't a day that goes by when I don't learn something new from someone in the industry. Ever since Alex and Idecided to launch #EMchat on October 5, 2011, I have been inspired by every single participant.  You not only inspire me because of the passion and dedication you all put into providing young people the opportunity to attain a college education, but your willingness to collaborate and share your successes/failures to help others in our profession is humbling.

Back when I was coaching college volleyball, I learned very quickly that the easy part of the job was to find great athletes.  The hard part?  Getting a team of superstars to play as a team.  All those years I spent coaching, my favorite memories aren't of the big wins; my favorite memories are of the group of players who accomplished the impossible due to sheer determination and teamwork.

This community is filled with individuals who achieve the impossible on their campuses... then on their spare time, come together via #EMchat and make the impossible seem so attainable through encouragement, support and collaboration.

You are the reason Alex and I plan to expand.  We want you to have a place to go to network, ask questions, find resources, and collaborate with your peers.