Resolution: Expand

2011 was great.  2011 was awesome. 2011 was phenomenal.  We broke out 10 chats and generated thousands of tweets within our first three months of #EMchat. 

Jennielle and I put a lot of planning into those first few months, but we never really sat down and talked about what our mission was.  What was #EMchat defined by?  Looking back on 2011 I now realize that wasn’t necessary.  While it’s definitely built on pillars of collaboration, community, and expertise in the EM industry, our growth has been organic, and not having a defined mission has given us the flexibility to adapt to change, to implement great advice, and to try out some new ideas.  As we move into 2012, we’d like to make one resolution.

 Expand.  One word.  Straight.  Simple.  To the point.  Expand.

 Expand on Twitter

Twitter has provided us with an amazing medium for #EMchat.  We’ve worked through the time zone issues and found one of the last great time slots to chat.  We’re holding strong with Thursdays from 9-10 PM EST.

But, we know that you can’t make every chat (although we really wish you could).  It’s also not the best approach to announce a topic the Monday or Tuesday before a chat.  And so?  Expand.  Within the next few days you can look forward to a monthly calendar of future topics that will not only help us to better organize our thoughts and resources, but also allow you to hone in on specific topics you love.  While this is a small expansion, we think it will add leagues to deepening our conversations. 

But, we can’t expand without you.  There has been a ton of great feedback for future topics and we’re moving some of those thoughts into future series (similar to our #firstgen 1, 2, and 3).  Make sure you get in touch with us to let us know what topics you want to talk about.

Expand the Blog

We started the blog a little over a month ago and have been working to get it where we want it.  But, we also realize that where “we”, as in Jennielle and I, see our blog going may not be the same direction that others do.  We started #EMchat on the premise that it would be a collaborative community, and that’s what we hope this blog will be as well.

Each one of us has an area of expertise or special interest in enrollment management.  Twitter is great for thoughts under 140 characters, but we would love to have each of you contribute a post or two (or three or four) on your passion.  This is already an amazing community.  We know that this level of contribution and engagement will only continue to improve it.  Or, if you're running your own blog (which many of you are), let's link up and share.

Expand Your Network

We ended 2011 with an amazing networking chat.  We had over 40 participants and hit lots of high notes on personal levels with one another. 

Expand.  When I first started using twitter a few years ago I had a stagnant account because I didn’t know what my niche was.  After finding the #highered focus and getting involved with chats I felt more comfortable and like I was actually using it for a purpose.  So if your colleagues or friends in the industry aren’t on twitter, #EMchat is a great way to get started.

Jennielle and I try to make a point of continuing the conversations beyond twitter and it has been great to connect with many of you through other mediums.  We’d like to continue expanding that.

Most importantly though, there are tons of conferences coming up.  Let’s network for real. 

Here’s wishing all of you a very happy 2012!

What’s your resolution?