#EMchat 61: #CollegeScorecard- #TOTN goes to @ScottCline

Read the full transcript HERE. About two weeks ago, the White House launched the College Scorecard.  Tonight, we discussed the impact this would make on prospective families and college campuses across the country.  Participants in tonight's #EMchat ranged from enrollment managers and student affairs pros to folks who just popped in to learn more.

Tonight's Tweet of the Night goes to Scott Cline (@scottcline) for his response to

Question 4: What should students/parents know about the #collegescorecard that they may not already?



Honorable Mentions:







There were hundreds of great tweets swapped during tonight's chat ...3,477,581 impressions with 653 tweets, to be exact! If you missed the chat, or want a refresher, go HERE to read the transcript.

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#EMchat 58: Recruiting & Hiring the RIGHT Staff - #TOTN goes to @KarenAFull

Tonight we talked about recruiting and hiring the right staff person perfect for the EM world.  The conversation was informational, but fun too.  There was a lot of input on "good admission counselor traits" and some great input on the "best interview questions". Tonight's Tweet of the Night goes to #EMchat veteran and contributor, Karen Full (@KarenAFull) for her tweet that answered the Q: What makes a good admissions counselor?:




Honorable Mentions:
















Thank you to everyone who participated tonight!  See you next Thursday night at 8 pm CST! (9 pm EST).


#EMchat 57: Data in EM - Part 2 - #TOTN goes to @MarcusHanscom

Tonight's chat was filled with a ton of great input regarding data.  If you missed the first chat of the Data Series, be sure to read that transcript HERE. There were a ton of great tweets, and usually we highlight them in our TOTN post.  However, tonight's TOTN was merely chosen because of it's funny factor! Thank you, @MarcusHanscom for the laugh!


[tweet https://twitter.com/MarcusHanscom/status/292098986909765632]




#EMchat 55: Emerging Admissions Pros - #TOTN goes to @jotamjota

Our first #EMchat of 2013 was about how emerging admissions professionals get their start, gain experience and advance in the field.  It was a great start to 2013 and it was so great to see so many new faces join in on the discussion. Tweet of the Night

Our Tweet of the Night goes to Jay Jacobs (@jotamjota) for his simple and straight to the point tweet about working in the EM field:

[tweet https://twitter.com/jotamjota/status/287021290970288128]


Honorable Mentions

Great tweet by one of our newbies, Kristina Aceto (@KristinaBryantU), telling us what the most rewarding part of her job is:

[tweet https://twitter.com/KristinaBryantU/status/287022689011523584]


We got a ton of great tweets in response to our question: What keeps you up at night?

Here's one from Melanie Gottlieb (@melgott):

[tweet https://twitter.com/melgott/status/287025586755473408]


Another great tweet from Adam Castro (@AdamCastroEDU) about how to stay motivated:

[tweet https://twitter.com/AdamCastroEdu/status/287028435707101184]


And, we can't forget this mind boggling tweet from Tim Dunning (@timdunning) who works with College App via Hobsons:

[tweet https://twitter.com/timdunning/status/287022133119438848]

Thanks to everyone for joining us tonight and we hope you'll be back next week for: Data Series I.

#EMchat 53: Searching for Jobs in EM - #TOTN goes to @tracycollum

Our second to last #EMchat of 2012 focused on searching for jobs in enrollment management and we had an amazing chat! It was great to see many #EMchat "regulars" joined by lots of new faces. We managed to fill the hour with everything from social media to mentoring to insider tips and so much more. The transcript for tonight's chat can be found here, but now it's time for our Tweet of the Night (#TOTN)! Tweet of the Night

As always, this task was incredibly challenging tonight, but @tracycollum is taking home the top honors for this tweet about the skills necessary to be successul in EM:


We also have a special edition of #TOTN Honorable Mentions tonight featuring the amazingness of @JonBoeckenstedt. Jon was tweeting greatness all night, but here's a couple of our favorites:



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